Condition survey.

A facilities manual is compiled which includes the following information:

List and names of all facility and service areas

Monthly, seasonal and annual preventative maintenance programmes

List of equipment requiring specialist maintenance

List of all assets

Listing of approved service providers

Health and safety guidelines

Waste management procedures

Paint colours and codes

Pest control policies and procedures

Locksmith and key maintenance

Landscaping and horticultural plan

Recycling and environmental matters



Having completed a thorough condition survey of your facility and understanding the requirements, we would implement a plan which addresses all aspects of the facility,
in order to enhance your operations and preserve your asset values. The areas that we specialise in are as follows:

Hygiene and supervision
Garden and landscaping
Audio, TV, satellite
Waste management
Painting and oiling
Conditions surveys
Air Conditioning
Access control
Fire detection
Wifi systems
Pest control



Reactive maintenance sometimes also known as “Breakdown/Emergency maintenance” is the repairing of equipment/furniture/asset when equipment/furniture/asset has already broken down. Reactive maintenance focuses on restoring the equipment/furniture/asset to it’s normal operating condition.

In the case of emergency repairs cost can run up to 5 times more than planned repairs. Reactive maintenance is often a result of poor preventative maintenance but not always.

Our reactive maintenance covers the same scope as our preventative maintenance but our rates are varied dependant on the nature of the problem and the urgency and requirements to repair or restore.



A project is defined as non-routine maintenance and conducted with a mandate from the owner.

Projects protocol is followed which includes:

Clear and defined brief
Specifications and material plan
Estimated cost
Sign off
Target dates



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Maintenance and Handyman Services

General Hand / Labourer R70 per hour
Hand / Labourer for the day R305 (up to 6 hours)
Handyman R145 per hour
Maintenance Managers / Technicians R240 per hour


Monthly retainer fees are available for regular and routine services, i.e gardens, pool cleaning, gutters, etc.

Facilities and Support Services

Property Consultant R315 per hour
Facilities / Property Managers R540 per hour

Materials, Consumables and Transport

Materials Below R1000 - Mark up of 25%
Above R1000 - Mark up of 10%
Consumables According to usage
Transport @ R5,40 a kilometer



Stone Cottages

Stone Cottages, Camps Bay
Renovations and restoration of historical cottages.
Project value of R7 million.

The Bay Boardroom

The Bay Boardroom, 69 Victoria Road
Conversion to multi-purpose room allowing for overnight stay as well as boardroom facility. 
Project value of R800,000


8 Loader, De Waterkant

8 Loader, De Waterkant
Renovation of 2 studios.
Project value of R800,000.


Harbour Square Reception

Harbour Square Reception, Hermanus
Conversion of reception. 
Project value of R300,000.

Camps Bay Resort pool

Camps Bay Resort pool, Camps Bay
Project value of R300,000.

Kite Mansion

Kite Mansion, Langebaan
Installation of gym and solar heated pool. 
Project value of R200,000.

Harbour House Hotel

Harbour House Hotel, Hermanus
Conversation of an outdoor space into a functional covered pavilion.
Project value of R300,000.

Kite House II

Kite House II, 116 Main Road, Langebaan
Interior upgrade and swimming pool. 
Project value of R200,000